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If you need experienced and qualified labour recruitment hire, WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire offers leading recruitment services across a range of industries, from civil construction to mining jobs, as well as agricultural and general industry recruitment. We handle the end-to-end process and administration works of your recruitment needs so that you can focus on getting your job done with top quality workers.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Our labour recruitment process

We offer a comprehensive process as part of our recruitment services, which ensures that the most qualified candidates will be available for your labour recruitment needs. The detailed process of our recruitment includes:

Position brief

We work closely with our clients to identify the skills, experience, competencies, and necessary qualifications that are needed for potential employees. We also gather all essential information regarding rostering, pay, and working conditions to build the correct job profile for your labour recruitment requirements.

Sourcing candidates

Once the relevant applicant requirements have been identified, we use our wide range of industry contacts and channels to identify potential candidates for recruitment – including our job seeker and labour database, industry publications, social media, online and print advertising, candidate referrals, affiliated job service providers, and training organisations.

Interviews and screening

WLH then contacts the labour recruitment candidates who are shortlisted for work to attend an in-person interview for further evaluation, where we assess in greater detail the competencies of each applicant for the specific recruitment services being filled before proceeding.

Pre-employment and reference checks

Once a labour recruitment applicant has been deemed appropriate, we conduct a thorough check of their past references and work history with their previous employers, which includes verifications of all work qualifications, licences, tickets, and any other competencies to ensure complete validity.

Client interviews

If required by the client, WLH presents the selected candidates for further screening and evaluation, which can involve shortlisted candidates being given background information about the company and job requirements. We also provide any further information required about the role and expected work outcomes.

Employment offer

Following the employer’s confirmation of the candidate, we prepare all necessary offers of employment for successful applicants, as well as any pre-employment medical requirements, drug and alcohol testing, site inductions, and all relevant PPE in case of mining and civil construction positions.

Follow up

Following recruitment, we work closely with both the client and candidate throughout the term of engagement to ensure the expectations of both parties are maintained at all times. We take a proactive approach to addressing any identified issues and implementing support systems and structures if necessary.

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