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Indigenous labour hire

As a proudly Indigenous owned company, we place immense value in providing job opportunities through our Indigenous services. Our community-based focus on Indigenous labour hire means that we provide job opportunities and upskill training so that First Nations people are able to secure high-quality careers. We support the inclusion and representation of Indigenous people across the workforce, believing that equal opportunity is top priority when it comes to securing employment through our Indigenous services.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Indigenous services for the community

Across metropolitan, regional, and remote locations, our Indigenous workforce includes a range of skilled, professional individuals. We aim to ensure that our Indigenous services benefit each First Nations member of our network, helping to secure employment opportunities across multiple industries. Our Indigenous services include:

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Indigenous labour hire

Our available network offers employment opportunities for First Nations people, securing quality work from businesses looking for labour hire. The representation and equal opportunity our Indigenous services facilitate see diversity and inclusion reflected in the Australian workforce and community.

Governance services

Our Indigenous services also include governance services which protect and promote cultural heritage. We make an effort to partner with the traditional owners of the land to help consult with and establish land management companies. This allows First Nations people to have the executive decisions on how companies work and carry out operations on their land.

Indigenous recruitment

Our Indigenous services also focus on securing recruitment opportunities for First Nations people. We will assist in finding quality job opportunities and then take you through the hire process,coaching and upskilling, increasing your chances of landing quality positions through our recruitment services.

We cater our recruitment and labour to offer Indigenous services to First Nations people. We believe in the importance of securing quality work opportunities for Indigenous people.

Indigenous services for the community

If you’re interested in learning about our other labour and recruitment services, we also offer:

Labour hire

We have a diverse range of qualified labourers for hire within our network.


Our labour recruitment services will assist you in recruiting the labour you need.

Agriculture recruitment

For agricultural and farming businesses looking to secure skilled labour, you can count on our agricultural labour hire services.

Professional services

If you’re currently seeking work, we’re able to guide you through the process of securing job opportunities.

Rail labour

For railway construction or maintenance jobs, we can find appropriate rail labourers to complete on-site work.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Why does WLH value Indigenous services?

First Nations people often experience many forms of discrimination when it comes to the hiring process for labour positions and other employment opportunities. They are often less likely to be hired or considered for employment due to negative ideology and are underrepresented in the Australian workforce. To overcome these issues of discrimination, WLH Labour & Recruitment hire offers Indigenous recruitment services that are specifically designed to assist and support First Nations people in successfully obtaining work, because we believe Indigenous recruitment opportunities are extremely important

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WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

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To secure our range of Indigenous services that cater to finding First Nations people quality and stable work, reach out to our team today. Either give us a call or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Indigenous labour hire is extremely important to us as an Indigenous owned organisation, so reach out today.

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