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Proudly Indigenous owned

WLH Labour Hire & Recruitment is proudly Indigenous owned, and consistently works towards providing work opportunities and services which benefit First Nations peoples everywhere in Australia. While we provide comprehensive labour hire and recruitment services nation-wide, our primary focus is on training, upskilling, and providing employment opportunities for First Nations peoples. We strongly believe in developing and promoting the representation of Aboriginal Australians within the workforce. We service metropolitan, regional, and remote areas in order to effectively reach the Indigenous population of Australia. With so many investment and development opportunities appearing throughout regional Australia, we believe that First Nations peoples stand to benefit significantly and aim to be at the very forefront of this movement.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Indigenous labour hire

Our Indigenous workforce consists of a diverse range of highly skilled and qualified individuals who are able to provide their services to a range of projects across Australia. At WLH Labour Hire & Recruitment we always strive to provide Indigenous labour hire in a way which benefits each individual in a substantial way, rather than thinking strictly of diversity quotas. Furthermore, we always ensure we put the right person in the right job. This ensures we have a holistic approach to our Indigenous services, and that they ultimately benefit First Nations peoples and communities throughout Australia.

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WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

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Indigenous recruitment

At WLH Labour Hire & Recruitment, we provide recruiting services specifically targeted towards First Nations peoples, which are designed to provide them with high-quality employment opportunities. Our services include comprehensive upskilling, training, and qualification opportunities, to equip prospective workers with the best possible skillset going into any given employment opportunity. We strive to make real, tangible connections with regional communities in order to provide our services where they will be best utilised.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Governance services

Our range of Indigenous services includes governance services designed to protect and promote cultural heritage. We typically partner with traditional landowners and communities to help establish land management companies. This enables these communities to have full control and autonomy over the kinds of companies, work, and procedures in place on their land. We provide comprehensive consultancy services in these situations, offering guidance on everything from payroll training services through to helping land management companies tender on jobs.

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WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

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