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At WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire, we are proud to offer agricultural recruitment services specifically designed to assist businesses seeking to fill agricultural jobs throughout Australia. We can utilise our industry-leading recruitment services to find top tier workers for farms, cattle stations, orchards, vineyards, and more.

Our focus is on finding experienced, qualified, and professional workers who will be beneficial to your agricultural operation. We place a large amount of emphasis on worker retention and believe that finding a perfect fit for your day-to-day operations is an attainable goal for any agricultural business. Some of the positions we are commonly contracted to fill include:

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Stock workers

We are specialists when it comes to finding highly experienced livestock workers who will ensure fantastic results on your farm or cattle property. If you need agricultural recruitment services for stock worker positions, make sure we’re your first call.

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Station hands

Station hands with a broad range of skills and the right disposition can be hard to come by, but ALH Recruitment & Labour Hire are here to make the process easy for you. Whether we can source suitable candidates from our database, or by advertising the position, you can be assured that you will have a selection of high-quality choices with which to fill the position.

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Fencing positions

If you need ongoing fencing work on your property, in the form of construction, maintenance, or upkeep, we can source fencing experts to help you on an ongoing basis.

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Machine operators

There is always a need for quality machine operators when it comes to agricultural work. From experienced harvester and tractor drivers, all the way through to truck and heavy machinery operators, WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire can find ticketed and experienced operators to assist on your site long-term.

Agriculture machine trimming plants
Tractor agricultural machine cultivating field

Do you have an urgent need for machine operators?

tractor and harverster harvesting crop

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Domestic staff

We can source passionate domestic staff to assist with a variety of domestic and household tasks. From cleaning and household maintenance services all the way through to cooking and laundry, we can recruit skilled and talented individuals to assist on your property or at your residence. If you need quality domestic staff as soon as possible, make WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire your first call.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Bore runners

Bore runners are responsible for ensuring that livestock are always able to access fresh water. While there are certifications and qualifications associated with bore running, finding applicants who have the requisite experience requires top tier recruiting services. This is where WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire comes in. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to these kinds of specialised agricultural positions and can ensure you get access to quality workers.

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WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Welder in protective clothing for welding. pipe preparation for a drilling rig. at the construction site.

Bore mechanics

Bore mechanics often have similar responsibilities to bore runners but are typically more focused on the upkeep and maintenance of bore systems. The regular repair and servicing of pumps, motors, windmills, and bores is essential to ensuring a well-functioning cattle station. We can help keep your station up and running by finding top tier bore mechanics.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire


If you need professional-standard gardeners and arborists, WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire are here to help. We can provide qualified individuals who are keen to provide gardening, lopping, tree felling, tree removal, and land clearing services for your property or business.

Gardener digging with a shovel
Repairman working on diesel engine

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire


Handymen typically perform domestic repair tasks as well as residential maintenance tasks. WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire specialise at finding experienced and motivated individuals to carry out handyman tasks for your agricultural business.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire


The high demand for skilled tradesmen in the agricultural sector means that our industry leading recruitment services are essential when it comes to filling trade positions. We can find suitable plumbers, carpenters, electricians, boilermakers, and any other trades you may require.

Man fixing external plumbing system
Cattle in farm

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Station overseers and management

Station overseers and management staff are essential to the success of any farm or cattle station. Should you have an urgent vacancy which needs filling in a timely fashion, let WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire do the hard work for you.

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

Orchard hands

Are you chasing competent and capable orchard hands for your orchard? We excel at providing agricultural job applicants who are motivated to achieve success for your operation.

Orchard hands picking apples

WLH Recruitment & Labour Hire

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